Tutoring & Other Photographic Services

Digital Photography & Photoshop Tutoring

Individual tutoring at home or at the studio

  • $50 per/hour

Group tutoring (minimum of three participants)

  • $25 per/hour per student at the studio


Travel Photography Services

Price: To be determined based off of type of assignment.

  • Experienced and professional travel photographer with editorial experience who has traveled worldwide documenting trips and capturing the experience.
  • Can be hired as a designated personal travel photographer to document and chronical trips and events ranging from personal vacations to business related trips and/or special projects.
  • Contact the photographer directly to discuss a possible assignment.


Price List for Photo Restoration

Repaired Photos Sent as High Resolution JPEG Images Delivered to the Client via Email

Printed Images Are an Additional Cost

Minor Photo Restoration:

$50 per/photo

  • Remove minor stains, dust, or scratches
  • Remove minor stains, dust, or scratches
  • Remove minor stains, dust, or scratches
  • Remove “red eye”
  • Repair minor cracks, creases, or tears
  • Repair slight fading or discoloration


Moderate Photo Restoration:

$80 per/photo

  • Repair moderate discoloration or fading
  • Repair damaged or missing edges
  • Remove moderate scratches or tears
  • Repair moderate water damage
  • Repair creases and partially torn photos — (with no missing pieces)
  • Repair or add background

Major Photo Restoration:
$120 per/photo

  • Repair severe discoloration or fading
  • Reconstruct missing pieces
  • Repair severely damaged edgesRepair creases and torn photos
  • Repair or add background
  • Repair severe stains or photos stuck to glass
  • Reconstruct facial damage



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